Deer Camp- An American Tradition

Deer Camp- An American Tradition

Whitetail Deer and other wildlife were abundant in the early years of our country’s history and were the main food source for many communities. However, by the early 1900s Whitetail Deer were seldom seen or harvested due to the prevalence of market hunting. As sportsmen and women began to realize the problem created by unregulated hunting and destruction of wild lands, conservation efforts began to gain a foothold across the country. From that point on, Whitetail Deer hunting and its traditions have evolved into the culture surrounding deer hunting we see today.

When Whitetail Deer became less abundant, hunting became more of a pastime; where harvesting Whitetail, big bucks and does alike, was celebrated. We have many generations before us to thank for passing on the hunting lifestyle and cultivating the traditions of Deer Camp.

While our grandparents had just as much love for big bucks as we do, the technology available today through trail cameras, cell phones, and social media has allowed us to visualize the harvesting of a true ‘Dream Buck’. Whether holding out for a Booner or simply looking to keep the freezer full, we all strive to harvest the mythical ‘Dream Buck’ each season

Whether its fresh backstrap on the grill, brats made from your favorite meat shop, or a secret recipe for snack sticks, Deer Camp is a celebration of the harvest. We can’t talk about enjoying a fresh venison steak without talking conservation. Without those before us stepping up and deciding we need to protect wild lands, responsibly manage Whitetail Deer populations and improve habitat, we would not have the great deer hunting opportunities we do today.

This rich history and the many traditions that came with it are what we love about Whitetail Deer hunting. The camaraderie with our hunting partners, the love of chasing ‘Dream Bucks’ and enjoying a fresh venison steak is what Deer Camp is all about. We created Deer Camp clothing so we all could celebrate deer hunting year-round. Just like you, we are avid deer hunters and conservationists. Whether you hunt the agriculture-rich mid-west, mountains of the northeast, pines of the southeast, or high plains of the west, we hope you join us in celebrating deer hunting across the country!

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