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Dream buck hoodie - side.
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Deer Camp Dream Buck Hoodie - Kong
Deer Camp Dream Buck Hoodie - Kong

Deer Camp Dream Buck Hoodie - Kong

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 Who doesn’t dream of bucks like this! Our comfortable performance fleece hoodie slides on easily, wicks moisture and won’t pill or fade. See the story behind this giant whitetail on the hang tag. We’ll feature a new Dream Buck and it’s story each year!


  • Soft comfortable fleece fabric
  • Tunnel pocket
  • Unique artwork features a real dream buck  




The Double Drop 'Kong' was my 2nd Chance Buck. On Oct 25th I rattled him in but was just to thick for a clean shot. He didn’t want to commit to my decoy.

I was just sick!!

After discussing hunting strategies with land owner Steve Snow, cameraman Josh Wright and I headed to a new set up 2 hours before daylight. Only one stand was set, so we had to hang a camera stand in the dark. It was Sunday October 29th, my mother’s birthday,  and we were set up on a high ridge about a 1/2 mile from my 1st encounter.  Just after the crack of dawn I could tell he were going to have a bluebird bright sunny day with high pressure. You could just feel it in the air that something great was going to happen. As soon as Josh gave me the green light that he had enough camera light, I started my rattling sequence along with some grunts and snort wheeze. 

All of a sudden I saw a flash of antlers. I said to Josh, "Oh my gosh Josh it’s the huge double drop!!" The moment I had been waiting for - my dream buck! After over 7 minutes of having this giant buck on me, my nerves were shot! Finally, I got drawn back and made the shot of a lifetime. 

I released my arrow and watched my broadhead hit its mark behind the shoulder! The emotion that I felt on that Sunday morning was unbelievable! A true 200” dream buck with perfect double droptines and even a third droptine! 

I’ll never top that hunt to take that magnificent buck! I give God all the glory and to take him on my mother’s birthday after she had just beaten cancer was truly a gift from God. Truly humbled!

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Tammy Tennyson
Deer Camp Dream Buck Hoodie

Got this for my 15 year old grandson for Christmas and he loved it!

Kathyrn McGathy
Vibrant detail and soft material

Nice looking sweatshirts and the family loved the softness of the material